CO2 Gas Detection Sensor


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CO2 Gas Detection Sensor

CO2              Gas Detection Sensor
Brand: C.A.P. (Custom Automated Products)
Product Code: CAPPM4
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Price: $274.95
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The PPM-4 is the simplest, safest and most affordable CO2 controller available today... from any manufacturer. Perfect for controlling LP or natural gas generators with PPM accuracy.

  • The PPM-4 is a two-piece controller that includes a wall mounted infrared sensor with a 10 ft. cord and a plug-in pass-through controller/power supply.
  • The plug in control is designed to be electrically safe.
  • Designed specifically to control the carbon dioxide level in your grow environment with PPM accuracy and is easy to use out of the box due to its easy to read 3 LED interface.
  • Switching set point factory set to 1450 PPM with 50 PPM hysteresis/dead-band.
  • Calibration couldn't be easier -- simply step outside and press a button.
  • The PPM-4 is easily mated to any 120 volt valve or CO2 generator with a simple plug in device.


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