GroSave 200 AMP Single Phase Power Saver


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GroSave 200 AMP Single Phase Power Saver

GroSave 200 AMP Single Phase Power Saver
GroSave 200 AMP Single Phase Power Saver
Brand: GroSave
Product Code: 200AMPGS
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In relation to residential electrical energy efficiency, the GroSave unit increases power factor, by reducing the amount of reactive power that the load draws from the utility company. What is reactive power you ask? Reactive power is the power that comes from the power company, through your utility meter and goes to the windings of your motors to create the electromagnetic field so that the motor will turn. The wasteful part is that this energy is never consumed; it creates the magnetic field and is then dissipated in the form of heat. Because we have 60 cycle electricity this process must be repeated 60 times every second to keep the motor running. The GroSave Units store the reactive power needed for the creation of the electromagnetic field within the inductive load. As the motor operates, this reactive power is “pulled” and “pushed” to and from the GroSave unit by the motor. The amount of reactive power required from the utility company by power factor optimization has been greatly reduced, or eliminated

Single Phase
Utilizes Self-Healing Low Loss Capacitors
25 Year Design Life
20 Year Warranty
Surge Suppression – 2000 Joules
Typical Protection For : Electrical Storms, Lightning Activity and Power Utility Spikes
Let Through Voltage – 150V line-to-neutral
Load Rating – 200 Amp
Six-Way Electrical Protection
EMI / RFI Noise Reduction 0-40dB
UL and CSA Listed
Leed Certified
ROHS Compliant

Garanteed 18% or greater energy savings or your money back!

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